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At its core SuccessFit4Life!™ is about changing lives. That comes from motivating people to be more active and encouraging a healty lifestyle. Research notes that benefits include: Enhanced recruitment and retention of healthy employees. Reduced healthcare costs. Decreased rates of illness and injuries. Reduced employee absenteeism. Improved employee relations and morale. Increased productivity.
The SuccessFit4Life! WELLNESS PROGRAM Consists of 3 Components:

1 - A Custom Branded Website Businesses for Organizations of all Sizes 
This custom branded website features wellness content and is the hub for your program. It includes a blog to create engagement in your organization. Research shows that wellness programs are most effective when a core of people are engaged.

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2 - A Wellness Challenge Platform
We chose to use DailyEndorphin on the wellness challenge component of this program. This platform enables you to easily collect data, track progress, report on results and list rankings. This program is fully customizable, integrates with popular tracking platforms, is simple to use and very cost effective!

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3 - SuccessFit4Life! EVENTS
These EVENTS promote wellness, raise awareness for businesses and organizations, create goodwill in your community and raise funds for the worthy cause of your choice. 

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SuccessFit4Life! was created to implement a wellness
in businesses and organizations of all sizes.  

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Learn how you will benefit from the SuccessFit4Life! WELLNESS PROGRAM.